An egg turner often called an automatic turner is a device that will turn your eggs, or often just rock them, turning eggs from side to side.  There are many different egg turner designs, however they all accomplish the same task of turning eggs so the developing embryo does not stick to the side of the shell.  Turning eggs must happen 2-4+ times per day, regardless of whether you are using an automatic or semi-automatic turner or turning eggs by hand.  

Little Giant & HovaBator (Hova-Bator) both have their own egg turner models.  Both Little Giant and HovaBator brands have the option to purchase universal egg turner racks that hold 41 of any size egg from quail to duck.  Optional Quail racks are available for both automatic turners, using the quail egg rails will allow you to hold up to 120 small quail sized eggs.  Only the HovaBator automatic turner accommodates goose sized eggs with the optional goose racks.