AutoCoop™ Smart Door Kit



None Laylight for AutoCoop™ Smart Door

AutoCoop™ Smart Door Kit



None Laylight for AutoCoop™ Smart Door
  • Fully Automatic Smart Door is EASY to program and saves YOU the time and worry of opening and closing your coop door everyday
  • Programmed by your Zip Code and the Date, the controller comes pre-programmed with ALL 50 STATES’ zip codes; including US territories
  • The controller is programmed to see any significant resistance to the door closing and will reverse preventing any birds from getting caught in the door.
  • Actuated door is secure and unable to be pushed open keeping your birds safe from predators all night long
  • The controller designed to be mounted inside the coop or under an ease to prolonged sunlight and moisture off the control module
  • The Laylight extends the perceived light of daytime for your birds and boosts egg production by lengthening your natural daylight hours using bright LEDs
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Our customers spoke and we listened!

The NEW AutoCoop™ Smart Door is fully automatic, packed with new features, and simple setup. Simply input you zip code and date and the AutoCoop™ Smart Door control module will determine what time to open and close the door. It will automatically adjust to changes in daylight throughout the year! You have the capability to make a manual adjustment to the timing of the door so it will open earlier or later at dawn or close earlier or later than dusk by the times you set. It gives YOU the flexibility to set the standards for your birds.

That’s not ALL!! The AutoCoop Smart Door control module also has a built-in safety door feature that will keep the door from closing on your birds. When there is resistance on the closing door, it will reverse and try to close again in a few minutes. It will repeat this process multiple times. For this reason, it is IMPORTANT to keep the doorway clear of debris, so this safety feature is not accidentally triggered.

The control module needs to be mounted inside the coop or under an ease to keep prolonged sunlight and moisture off the control module. This kit will keep your quail, pheasant, chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry safe, and take one more task off your daily to-do list. This is an Incubator Warehouse Exclusive product and is backed by our 1-Year Hassle Free Guarantee.

OPTIONAL: With the included Laylight (boosts egg production by extending daylight hours) you can specify how many hours of daylight you want each day. The AutoCoop™ Smart Door control module will turn on the laylight before dawn and adjust seasonally all year long, so you get the total daylight time you specify! The daylight might last 12 hours for example, and you want 15 hours. So, it will turn the laylight on 3 hours before dawn to give you the 15 total hours of egg laying time you specified.

2 rails (anodized aluminum channel rail), each is 24” long Sliding door (high strength, weather-proof fiberglass with ultra-smooth finish), 13” x 10”.




Weight : 3.2 lb

MODEL : AutoCoop™ Smart Door Kit


Ask a Question
  • Can I just buy the controller?

    For this door the actuator is part of the smart control system that automatically reverses the door so the controller cannot be used with any other actuator so we do not sell it separately.

  • Can I buy just the door and rails? I have the motor.

    Yes you can! We have a Starter Chicken Coop Door Kit. It contains just the door and rails. Link:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A must have!

I never worry about predators. My chickens are nice and snug in their coop from dusk to dawn with the automatic door. Especially when I'm away I have no concerns. Thanks Incubator Warehouse!

Works Perfectly! A Must!

We never wonder if the ladies are locked up for the night. Opens and closes perfectly. Timing is set by zipcode or manually. Nothing gets in or out. Have used for over a year.

Nice Product

Very Good

Thank you Pat

Replace a controller for me, I love you all and my hens love to get out!

Automatic Opener is a must have for every chicken owner!

Love how it adjusts the open and close time according to your zip code. No need to change time with day light savings time. Have had for over a year and it has never failed to open or close. Super easy to install.