Ceramic Nest EGG Hatching, Craft, Dummy | 3 Sizes


Egg Size

Small (Quail / Bird) Medium (Chicken) Large (Goose)

Egg Color

Speckled White Brown

Ceramic Nest EGG Hatching, Craft, Dummy | 3 Sizes


Egg Size

Small (Quail / Bird) Medium (Chicken) Large (Goose)

Egg Color

Speckled White Brown
  • Nest Eggs help stop chickens from pecking eggs
  • Great for training chickens where to lay eggs
  • Perfect for Crafts
  • Pricing is per egg
  • Includes 2 Year IncuCare Warranty
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These are realistic looking & feeling kiln-fired ceramic eggs. These eggs have the same look and feel of real eggs and similar weight to real eggs! The eggs are hollow and very durable. We have dropped them from 7 feet high onto linoleum without them breaking; a 200lb man stood on them and they did not crush. If dropped from high up onto cement they might break. Multi-purpose, see details below:

Please note: the listing price is PER EGG. So you if you choose a quantity of one, you will get one egg. If you want three eggs, select a quantity of three. The photos show multiple eggs to show how they compare to each other.

Nest Eggs
They are used to seed the nest, in order to promote egg laying of lazy chickens and reduce floor laying. Also stops birds from pecking eggs and breaking them open. This trick has been used for generations among farmers worldwide.

Craft Eggs
Great for craft projects, painting, decorating, and gift baskets! When painting it is recommended that you thin the paints down before painting. It helps the paint to absorb into the egg better. Can be glazed and kiln fired.

Small Size = 1.25 inches tall (Available in White & Speckled)

Medium Size = 2.25 inches tall (Available in White & Brown)

Large Size = 3.0 inches tall (Available in White ONLY)

For larger orders (MULTIPLE DOZENS) contact us for bulk pricing



Weight : 0.06 lb


VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My first ever Dummy Eggs and they are wonderful!

Dummy Goose and Chicken eggs arrived with no damage! I was worried there might be a broken egg upon arrival, but they were packaged well. The eggs shipped out and arrived extremely quickly too! They are a little lighter than what an actual egg weighs, but my geese and turkeys have sat on both the chicken and goose dummy eggs without breaking them. These dummy eggs have helped show my girls where I want them to lay, and so far, it seems to be working. No stray eggs in the middle of the coop or in a random corner! Another plus: the egg-eaters have not eaten a single egg since introducing the dummies, and as a result, I've collected waaayyy more eggs.

High quality fake eggs, but...

My only complaint is that compared to my bantams' eggs the tiny quail size is too small and the chicken egg is too large. Need one in between.

Great! very realistic

My summary says it all.

I am glad that I marked the ceramic eggs
because I can not tell them from recently
hatched eggs!

Wish that I had ordered more!

It seems like all my 11 hens just started
laying eggs. I have to leave one egg
so as not to disturb their laying.