Humane Poultry Dispatcher- Wall Mounted


Humane Poultry Dispatcher- Wall Mounted

  • Simple to use
  • Less stressful for the bird
  • Less stressful for you
  • Simple to mount
  • Less messy than traditional methods
  • Solid aluminum won't rust and will last for decades
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This humane poultry dispatcher is a simple yet effective appliance. Attach to a wall, post, tree or beam. To use, insert neck of bird in U gap and pull lever down swiftly.This will break the neck of the bird, sever the spinal cord and form a cavity into which the blood will drain when the bird is hung.The appliance is not intended to sever the head of the bird and an adjusting screw is provided to regulate the gap for various bird sizes. This wall mounted poultry dispatcher is suitable for birds up to about 25 pounds (~10 Kg).

How to use:

Step 1 – Calmly hold the bird

Step 2 – Lift the handle up and then securely grip the lower legs of the bird just above the feet. Position the bird so the neck rests across the “U” resting area from left to right. The bird will usually calmly sit there.

Step 3 – Firmly and swiftly press the handle downwards until it stops as the bolt rests on the stopper and hold it in position. The bird will probably flutter and convulse a little bit but it will have been instantly dispatched and feel no pain.

Step 4 – Hang the bird by the feet so the blood and fluids drain into the neck and head cavity. Because of this you should little if any blood.

Step 5 – Process the bird as normal.

To set the unit to the right size, measure the gap that will be left once the handle is in it's fully pushed in position. Numbers are approximate and will vary based on the actual size of the bird.

Quail: gap of ~1/16" of an inch (bolt almost all of the way in)
Chicken: gap of ~1/8" (bolt about half way in)
Goose/Turkey: gap of ~1/4" (bolt nearly all the way out)

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