Power Failure Alarm - 110V


Power Failure Alarm - 110V

An alarm will sound when the power goes out to alert you and you can take care of power-sensitive things.
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Blue light indicates when electricity is on. When power outage occurs the alarm will sound after ten seconds and the red light will come on.

The alarm will continue to sound until reset is pressed or power returns.

If you have chicks or birds that need looking after when electricity goes off on a cold windy night, plug in this unit in your bedroom to wake you when the electricity goes off.   

SKU : 8380


Weight : 0.57 lb

MODEL : 8380

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

Color : White


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  • How loud is it?

    The Power Failure Alarm has a loud beep that averages about 99 decibels.

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