Hova Bator Egg Incubator 1602N with Circulated Air Fan Kit


Hova Bator Egg Incubator 1602N with Circulated Air Fan Kit



  • Incubator Warehouse Gentle Flow Fan kit
  • Reliable wafer snap thermostat for accurate temperature control
  • Washable plastic sanitary liner for easy cleaning
  • Durable Styrofoam construction provides excellent insulation
  • Removable water trough for humidity control
  • Two viewing windows to watch eggs as they hatch
  • Includes bulb thermometer
  • Two Year IncuCare Warranty
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Invented by G.Q.F. Manufacturing Co. over 30 years ago, the Hova-Bator is still considered by many to be the WORLD’S BEST SMALL INCUBATOR, and among the most economical incubators available. The circulated air Hova-Bator uses a slower speed, gentle flow fan to hold a more uniform temperature. The gentle flow fan provides enough air movement to keep a constant temperature, but helps prevent dehydration of the eggs. It uses FORCED AIR FLOW, where the radiant heat tube gently warms the inside of the incubator while the fan draws fresh air from the bottom vents and circulates it throughout. Since heat rises, temperatures can vary up to 5 degrees inside the Still Air Hova-Bator. However, with the Incubator Warehouse Gentle Flow Fan kit, the incubator holds a more constant temperature, minimizing hot and cold spots. This ultimately leads to improved hatch rates.

This model has a mesh screen to support the eggs for a safe hatch. The forced air flow assists with the drying of the chicks after they hatch. This incubator is manufactured of durable Styrofoam that efficiently retains the heat produced by the 25 watt heating element. It also includes two 4x6 inch windows on top for viewing, as well as high sidewalls to keep birds inside when the lid is removed. The reliable wafer thermostat is a proven, accurate technology that produces great hatch results. This incubator can hold approximately 46 chicken, 188 quail, 90 pheasant, and 40 turkey or duck eggs. Additional accessories can be purchased to enhance the hatch rate and overall experience. These include: an automatic egg turner, an Incu-Bright egg candler, and an IncuTherm Plus thermometer/hygrometer. As always, all of our products are covered by our Two Year IncuCare Warranty. Purchase today with no worries and experience the Incubator Warehouse Hova-Bator incubator for yourself.

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International Customers

This incubator uses 110 Volt AC Power. For international customers (220/240V) please purchase the Incubator Warehouse international power converter to maintain product warranty.

SKU : 1091


Weight : 4.25 lb

COUNTRY of ORGIN : Incubator - USA, Fan - China

DIMENSIONS : 19" x 19" x 9"

MATERIAL : Styrofoam

MODEL : 2362N

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

WATT : 25

Color : White

Capacity : Approx. 46 chicken, 188 quail, 90 pheasant, 40 turkey/duck

Sanitation Liner : Yes

Thermostat Type : Wafer Style

Window Size : 4" x 6"

Circulated Air : Yes

Style : Tabletop


Ask a Question
  • My house is cool in winter. Can I put a blanket over the Incuview Incubator to insulate it?

    This is an excellent question. If you are unable to keep the room temperature up in the room where the incubator is, you can definitely add some extra insulation. Insulation could be a blank, rag, Styrofoam, etc. As you insulate your incubator it is very important to keep in mind the need for ventilation. It is very easy to cut off air flow when adding insulation. However you choose to insulate make sure air can still freely flow in and out of your incubator.

  • If an incubator doesn’t work, can it be returned?

    We stand behind our customers here at Incubator warehouse. We always recommend contacting the customer service agents about issues. If it is something that cannot be fixed and it is within warranty products can be returned when verified by a customer service agent.

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