IncuTimer™ Egg Incubator Hatch Countdown Timer


IncuTimer™ Egg Incubator Hatch Countdown Timer

  • Egg hatch timer has a 90-day maximum limit
  • Chart on the unit reveals the average time it takes to incubate some of the most common bird eggs
  • Know if your eggs are hatching on time, early, or late
  • Counts down in days, hours, and minutes with an alarm when it reaches 0
  • Magnetic back to allow ease of hanging
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The IncuTimer was developed to make incubation of eggs easier. This simple and easy to use countdown timer helps you keep track of the time till your incubating eggs hatch. The IncuTimer has a maximum of 90-days and displays your remaining time till hatch day in days, hours, and minutes. When the countdown reaches 0 the alarm will sound alerting you. For convenience we have added the hatch times for some of the most common and popular birds incubated these days. This makes it easier to know what to set your timer for when you place your eggs into the egg incubator. Instructions on how to operate the IncuTimer are located on the back of each unit so you never have to worry about keeping up with an instruction sheet.

SKU : 1532


Weight : 0.06 lb


DIMENSIONS : 3.35" x 2.15" x 0.25"

MATERIAL : Plastic

MODEL : 1532


Color : White

Battery : LR1130


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