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Are you wondering which egg incubator kit is right for you?  Are you wondering what is the difference between the Hova-Bator and Little Giant incubator?  What is a fan kit and do you need one?  Or is the still air incubator fine for your hatching needs?  Do you need an egg candler and how do you use one?  What about a hygrometer for measuring humidity?  

We have the answers to all of these egg hatching questions and more to give you the information you need to select the best hatching incubator for you.  Please see our Incubator FAQ section for these and many other answers you may be interested in.

Did you know that adding a fan kit to your still air incubator is a great way to increase your hatch rate?  In the Hova Bator and Little Giant egg incubators, the heating element wraps around the inside ceiling. In a still air incubator (an incubator without a fan kit installed), the warm air naturally rises and will be warmer near the heating element.  This can cause cooler areas in your hatching incubator, especially around the corners.  The eggs in these areas may be a few degrees cooler than the surrounding eggs and will hatch later, if they hatch at all.  That is why we have developed a circulated air fan kit that will turn your Little Giant or HovaBator still air incubator into a forced-air incubator.  These kits are easy to install in an egg incubator at a reasonable price.  

A still air incubator is a very good fit for someone who is not too concerned about optimizing their hatch rate.  It also works well for incubating eggs that do better with still air, including reptile and amphibian eggs, such as snake, lizard, turtle or frog eggs.

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