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Hova Bator Low Voltage Genesis Egg Incubator 1588

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  • Excellent for classrooms, novices, and experts 
  • 12 Volt system safe and TUV listed
  • Adjustable thermostat suitable for use with reptiles
  • Soft-Air fan technology gently circulates air
  • Power converter works internationally
  • Without turner, holds 50 chicken eggs or 140 quail eggs
  • Includes thermometer, liner and instructions
  • Purchase includes Two Year IncuCare Warranty

The Genesis 1588 was upgraded in 2012 to include a digital control center that displays both temperature and humidity.

The Genesis Hova-Bator is pre-set for bird eggs. Simply plug it in, then add water and eggs. There is nothing to set up or adjust. This circulated-air Hova-Bator comes with a thermometer and plastic bottom liner and is pre-set to 99 F (38 C). Like all incubators, the 1588 requires a stable room temperature and should not be used in areas like sheds or barns. Being pre-set, this incubator delivers consistently good hatch rates.

This incubator is excellent for classrooms, novices, and experts. The 12 Volt system is safe and TUV listed. Although it is pre-set to 99 F, the thermostat can be adjusted. The 1588 can be set as low as 80 F for use with reptiles. Soft-Air fan technology provides needed oxygen and refreshes air without forcing air directly on the eggs. Automatic Turners available for poultry and game bird eggs (see items 1610M, 1611M and 1614M). Includes a 12V DC power converter for both 110V AC and 220/240V AC, which means that it works internationally. Without an automatic turner in place, the incubator will hold 50 large duck or chicken eggs or 140 quail eggs. 12V DC power supply (included) plugs into 110V outlet. Includes thermometer, liner and instructions.


Purchase includes Two Year IncuCare Warranty.

More Information
SKU 1588
Weight 4.7500
Capacity 42-120
Condition New
Country of Origin USA
Dimensions 20" x 20" x 6"
Circulated Air Yes
Material Styrofoam
Model 1588
Sanitation Liner Yes
Style Tabletop
Thermostat Type Electronic Preset
Window Size 12" x 12"
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Customer Questions
How many watts is this and does this take 12 Volt DC?

The HovaBator 1588 runs at roughly 50 watts. All of the components on the incubator do operate on 12 Volt DC power but there is a power converter included that allows the incubator to operate on 110 Volt or 220 Volt AC power.

Is this a proportional thermostat?

As far as we know It is not a proportional thermostat. GQF does not advertise it to be proportional.

If an incubator doesn’t work, can it be returned?

We stand behind our customers here at Incubator warehouse. We always recommend contacting the customer service agents about issues. If it is something that cannot be fixed and it is within warranty products can be returned when verified by a customer...

How does humidity work in incubation and hatching? Do you need different amounts of humidity for incubation and hatching?

Proper temperature and humidity levels are very important for a successful incubation. If either one of these numbers are significantly off it can ruin an entire incubator full of eggs. In this answer I will go over 6 tips for more accurate manual humidity...

My house is cool in winter. Can I put a blanket over the Incuview Incubator to insulate it?

This is an excellent question. If you are unable to keep the room temperature up in the room where the incubator is, you can definitely add some extra insulation. Insulation could be a blank, rag, Styrofoam, etc. As you insulate your incubator it is ...

Can an incubator purchase be financed?

Unfortunately, we do not do any financing for any of our products. Credit cards will be your best bet if you are hoping to pay off an order.

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