About Incubator Warehouse

Incubator Warehouse is the online leader in egg incubators and accessories. We deliver the highest quality incubation products at the most competitive prices. We understand that many people are hesitant to buy online, so we also have a customer service line that you can call with questions or to place an order.  We also sell on eBay and Amazon, so if you are more comfortable please visit our stores there.  Our eBay Member ID is egg-incubator and you can find us on Amazon under Incubator Warehouse. You can check our feedback ratings and read reviews from our satisfied customers on eBay and Amazon as well. We have thousands of happy customers!

All products sold on Incubator Warehouse.com come with a full 1 year guarantee.

Incubator Warehouse is located in the "Banana Belt" of Idaho. We are less than one mile from the Oregon border. Many people ask us how we got into incubators. Our story goes back to when one of our owners (Kip) wanted to incubate some eggs for his children. Kip's first attempts were as crude as a shoe box with a light bulb. We've come a long way from there.

We've grown from a small garage operation to an international distributor and US light manufacturer. We have developed our own egg incubator, the IncuView, DIY IncuKits, the HumidiKit, and many more helpful products.

Incubator Warehouse is your partner in incubation.

We have all of the products you will need to start hatching your own eggs and have several different combo kits to choose from. From the Beginner kit to the Utlimate kit, we have something for everyone, regardless of your skill level or experience. Our staff has a great deal of experience hatching eggs, so when you call with a question, we can speak from experience! 

Thank you for your interest - Happy Incubating!

Randy & Kip
The Owners