Buying hatching eggs:

We are often asked where people can source fertile hatching eggs.  We hope this information will be helpful to you.  If you have found a great source that you would like to recommend, please let us know!

There are three primary ways to source fertile hatching eggs:  from a local provider, from the Internet, or from poultry related magazines.  Let’s talk a little about each one. 

Local Source:

The best way to get eggs is to find a local source.  This way they do not need to go through the rigors of shipping in the mail, which can be very hard on eggs.  Many people agree that if you get eggs mailed to you,  most of the time you will see a lower hatch rate due to the bumping, bouncing and possibly even X-ray scanning they may be exposed to.   And there is the chance they will be exposed to hot or cold environments which can affect the hatch rate.  It also increases the risk that the eggs may be older since they had to spend a few days in the mail.  So when you can get your eggs locally, your odds of a good hatch do go up.

There are a few ways to find a local source.        

Talk to your local feed store or any farmers or ranchers you may know.  Feed stores often have contact with people in the area who raise birds and can give you their recommendations.  Also, local farmers or ranchers often know of people in the area who can supply eggs. 

Another effective way to find a local provider is on  You are able to search based on your location and find people in your neck of the woods offering eggs.  Then you can contact them, arrange for a meeting and take a look at the eggs before you buy.  It’s also nice to have someone local to ask questions to and discuss any concerns that may arise. 

Dirty vs Clean EggsMake sure any eggs you buy locally are clean!


The Internet is a great way to find eggs from providers all over the country.  It is particularly helpful if you are looking for specialized eggs, or don't live near a local source.  Please note the comments in the above section regarding the risks of having eggs shipped to you. 

Ebay is a very popular option.  Also, as referenced above, search on the Internet under since this combines the access of the Internet with the ability to possibly find your eggs from a local source.

There are many websites that do a great job providing eggs for customers.  One popular example is A couple other sources are or   If you search online under “fertile eggs for sale”, you’ll see many, many options.   Check online forums to get other suggestions from people who source their eggs online and see which ones provide the best service and have a reputation for great quality eggs. 

Online forums are a helpful resource.  One of the most popular is   A couple other options are and

Poultry related magazines:

Several large egg suppliers advertise their products (including eggs) in popular poultry related magazines.  You can order the magazines or sometimes they will even list their advertisers online.  Examples of popular magazines are backyardpoultrymag.comand