Purchasing reptile eggs is actually not a simple thing to do.  There are few things that make it complicated. 

1. Some reptile eggs are actually illegal to sell in the US due to issues with possible disease.

2. Reptile eggs are very sensitive to movement once they are laid.  The embryo begins developing very rapidly and moving the egg after a period of time can harm and even kill the embryo. 

3. They require moisture and warmth and any time in transit may not provide either, which may damage the egg. 

For other things to consider when looking for eggs, see our reptile FAQ page.  Click here. 

How to purchase reptile eggs to hatch:

The most common way to get eggs for the reptile you would like is to start with a breeding pair.  This will allow your own female reptile to lay her own eggs in a suitable environment.  Then, if required, you may very carefully move the eggs immediately to a prepared incubator.  There are a few reptile related forums that provide a classified section to possibly purchase reptiles. Here is one dedicated to snakes: click here

Another option is to find someone in your area that has a pregnant female and arrange to collect the eggs as soon as they are laid.  Be careful not to turn the eggs at all.  Many people will put a mark on one side to indicate which side should stay up so they don't accidently get turned over. 

Internet: this is a difficult way to get reptile eggs because you would need to find someone in your area.  With other types of eggs, such as poultry, it is common to have them shipped via the Post Office.  Poultry eggs, such as fertile chicken or quail eggs, have the ability to be dormant for several days before incubation is necessary.  This is NOT the case with reptile eggs and so shipping them is NOT recommended.