Both of these models are made by the same manufacturer, GQF Manufacturing Company. There are four main differences between these two models.

1.) The 1602N has a wafer-style thermostat that you will need to screw into place when you first take it out of the box. Then you adjust the screw knob that comes with it to adjust the wafer until your incubator reaches the temperature you want. The Genesis has a pre-set digital electronic thermostat that is already to go when you get it. You just plug it in and let it get up to temperature. You don't need to do any comes pre-set for you!  The Genesis now includes a built-in digital thermometer & digital hygrometer.  You now just push buttons on the display to set the temperature.  

2.) The 1602N has two windows in the top of the unit for viewing the eggs in side. The Genesis has once large "picture" window that covers nearly the entire top of the incubator. This makes the entire top of the incubator one large viewing window.

3.) The 1602N heating element is powered by 110V AC power. The Genesis heater, fan and thermostat are powered by 12V DC power. AC power is the type that comes out of you wall when you plug something into to a wall outlet. DC power is the kind a battery provides. The Genesis comes with a little device that is called a power transformer (some call it a power converter) that turns your wall outlet's AC power into the low voltage DC power that your incubator will use.  DC power has 3 advantages.  
     1) This type of electricity is safe and will not shock your birds if they peck through a wire or if you happen to touch a wire (getting shocked in the 1602N is a low risk, you'd have to cut a wire or really try to get shocked)
     2) The power transformer that comes with the incubator will work with 110 Volt AC power & 220/240 Volt AC Power.  This means that you can use the Genesis incubator internationally without an additional power converter
     3) 12 Volt DC is the same power that automobile batteries use, so with the correct plugs you can power your incubator from your car or just from a battery 

4.) The 1602N model by itself does not include a circulating fan. This is called a "still-air" incubator. The Genesis includes a DC powered fan, pre-installed. An incubator with a fan is called a "forced-air" incubator. Please note that many of our incubator kits include a fan kit which makes the 1602N into a forced-air incubator.