Incubating reptile eggs is VERY different from incubating bird eggs. Each species has different incubation temperature requirements, time and characteristics. It is VERY IMPORTANT for a successful hatch that you first do your research about your specific species to understand their requirements. In the tables below we have some of the most popular reptiles in the market today.

Table 1 depicts the average time, temperature, and if the species is classified as temperature-dependent sex determination.

  • Termperature-Dependent Sex DeterminationThis simply means during the early weeks of incubation, the sex of the hatchlings they will eventually emerge from the eggs are influenced by the temperature. Not all species of reptile are temperature-dependent sex determinate either. This is where that research into the species of reptile you are considering hatching pays off.
    • EXAMPLE: If you want more females from your hatch then you may be able to incubate at a certain temperature to get better odds of more females. This will not result in a 100% female hatch but will have greater count of females.

Please also note that several factors can change the amount of incubation time listed below. The incubation temperature, humidity level, egg handling, and genetics are some of them.


Species Incubation Temperature

Incubation Time (Days)

Temperature-Dependent Sex Determinate

Ball Python 86-92°F (90°F recommended) 55-65 days No
Corn Snake 78-84°F (82°F recommended) 58-62 days No
King Snake 75-82°F (80°F recommended) 55-75 days No
Bearded Dragons 80-88°F (84°F recommended) 50-80 days No & Yes*
Leopard Gecko 79-82°F (80°F recommended) 35-89 days Yes
Gargoyle Gecko 70-82°F (76°F recommended) 60-100 days No
Crested Gecko 68-82°F (76°F recommended) 60-120 days Yes
Red Eared Slider Turtle 79-88°F (84°F recommended) 50-65 days Yes
Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle 79-88°F (84°F recommended) 60-90 days Yes
Painted Turtle 77-87°F (82°F recommended) 67-72 days Yes
Musk Turtle 77-87°F (82°F recommended) 60-90 days Yes
Mud Turtle 77-87°F (82°F recommended) 60-90 days Yes
Russian Tortoise 82-90°F (86°F recommended) 60-75 days Yes
Map Turtle 77-95°F (86°F recommended) 50-70 days Yes

Table 2 only contains the species which were specified to be temperature-dependent sex determinate in Table 1Table 2 specifies the desired temperature for majority male, a 50/50 mix, or female hatch. 


Species Temperature for Males 50/50 Mix of Males & Females Temperature for Females
Bearded Dragons* - - 90°F*
Leopard Gecko 90°F 85°F 80°F
Crested Gecko 82°F 76°F 70°F
Red Eared Slider Turtle 81°F 84°F 86°F
Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle 81°F 84°F 86°F
Painted Turtle 78°F 82°F 86°F
Musk Turtle 78°F 82°F 86°F
Mud Turtle 78°F 82°F 86°F
Russian Tortoise 83°F 86°F 89°F
Map Turtle 79°F 86°F 93°F

*Bearded Dragons are a rare case where they are actually NOT temperature-dependent sex determinate EXCEPT when incubated over 90°F the chromosomes which determine the sex of the hatchling appear to be overwritten because studies have shown increased female hatchlings. There is not a temperature to increase male odds however.