Electrical Connectors & Insulators for Wonder Watt™ Heat Tape


Electrical Connectors & Insulators for Wonder Watt™ Heat Tape


Purchase Includes:

  • Set of clips and insulators (enough to do one piece of flex watt)
  • 2 Year IncuCare Warranty
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INCUBATORWAREHOUSE.COM's FLEW WATT heat tape clips and insulators

These are especially designed for use with Flex Watt heat tape. Flex Watt is dependable, cost effectiveness and easy to use! Each set comes with everything you need to make the electrical connections between a power cord or dimmer and your flex watt heat tape. The tape is a special ultra thick self-fusing tape that creates an almost permanent bond. Please note the price is PER SET of two clips and insulators for each (everything you see in the picture). Feel free to take a moment or two to review our feedback so you can buy with complete confidence.

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SKU : 1375

Heat Tape Width : No

cord type : No

Heat Tape Length : No


Weight : 0.06 lb


MODEL : Flex Watt Power Connectors

Color : Black


Ask a Question
  • Can I make cuts into lengths that are 2 feet 3 inches or must all cuts be in whole foot increments?

    We do not offer customized sizes. We recommend you purchase the next foot. This way you are sure to have enough.

  • Is it possible to buy just the insulating tape by itself?

    We do not sell the insulating tape by itself just in the kits with the connectors.

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