HovaBator Still Air Egg Incubator Kit for Reptiles


HovaBator Still Air Egg Incubator Kit for Reptiles


Purchase Includes

  1. HovaBator 1602N Still Air Reptile Incubator
  2. Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer for Reptile Egg Incubation
  3. Reptile Hatching Medium/Substrate
  4. Cups for holding reptile hatching medium
  5. IncubatorWarehouse's 2 Year IncuCare Warranty

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Perfect for kit for anyone incubating reptiles. This kit has been designed to help all of our customers incubating reptile eggs get started. The 1602N is a perfect fit for anyone wanting to incubate reptile eggs.

Invented by G.Q.F. Manufacturing Co. over 30 years ago, the Hova-Bator is still the WORLD'S BEST SMALL INCUBATOR and the THERMAL AIR FLOW MODEL, is the most economical incubator available. The radiant heat tube gently warms the inside of the incubator, the air and eggs. Thermal action of the heated air flowing out of the exhaust vents in the top of the incubator, draws fresh air in through the bottom vent. This design includes two small windows on top for viewing. The wafer thermostat is proven, accurate technology that produces great hatch results.

SKU : 1373


Weight : 4.94 lb

COUNTRY of ORGIN : USA & China (Thermometer)

DIMENSIONS : 19 x 19 x 9

MATERIAL : Styrofoam & Thermoplastic

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

Color : White

Sanitation Liner : Yes

Thermostat Type : Wafer

Window Size : 4" x 6"

Circulated Air : No

Style : Desktop


Ask a Question
  • I was just wondering, how many eggs can it fit in there at once? I want to put bearded dragon eggs in it and they can lay anywhere from 4-30 eggs at once. thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

    Reptile eggs have such a variety of sizes. This size difference makes it hard to give a range/count of the capacity of the HovaBator Reptile kits. We provide 4 circle containers (4.5" x 7.1") but if you need more you can fit more than four containers in the incubator. Thus the capacity of the reptile kit is dependent on what type eggs and how many containers you have.

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Shoshanah Deschine
This is the best deal.

We have looked at incubators for awhile, and another one we purchased was way more expensive at $150 for a weaker styrofoam than this. Even though this is also styrofoam, it has great quality and does a great job of keeping a very consistent temperature. I also love that it comes as a kit, the other parts of this were hard for us to find separately. Best purchase for an incubator for us, with only a few eggs to incubate at a time.