HumidiKit™ - Auto Humidity System for Incubators


HumidiKit™ - Auto Humidity System for Incubators

  • Automatic and accurate humidity control
  • Programmable digital hygrostat
  • Humidifier delivers instant humidity
  • Provides fresh air for eggs
  • 1 Liter capacity (distilled water recommended)
  • Typically only needs to be filled once a week (tabletop incubators)
  • Easy to install
  • Expandable tubing extends to 30"
  • Compatible with most incubators
  • Two Year IncuCare Warranty
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One of the common hassles with incubation is maintaining the humidity inside the incubator. These hassles include the need to frequently fill the water reservoirs or not being able to maintain the desired humidity.

We are proud to introduce the HumidiKit automatic humidity system for egg incubators. This system is designed to instantly deliver accurate humidity to most incubators. The integrated digital hygrostat that measures and controls the humidity is fully adjustable so you can achieve the humidity range that is right for your eggs. The humidifier is designed to gently provide instant humidity and fresh air directly inside the incubator for an accurate humidity range. The humidifier also comes with a one liter bottle which typically needs to be filled once a week for most desktop incubators. To extend the life of your humidiKit we recommend using distilled water. This unit comes ready to install into your incubator; simply place the probes from the HumidiKit inside the incubator, insert the hose into a vent hole, fill the water bottle, and connect to power. The HumidiKit is also covered by the IncubatorWarehouse Two-Year IncuCare Warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

SKU : 1264


Weight : 2.81 lb

MATERIAL : Plastic

MODEL : 1264

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

Color : White

Capacity : 1 Liter


Ask a Question
  • Are there any videos online explaining how to set up the controller of the humidikit?

    We do not have a video for the HumidiKit controller yet. We do have a simple, quick, video showing this installment process. The link will be included below. We will have a video for the controller in the future.

  • The Humidikit comes with a 1-L bottle, would using a 2-L pop bottle instead cause damage to the ultrasonic disk?

    We do not recommend a bottle larger than one liter because it can cause a couple issues. One being that it can harm the ultrasonic disc. Another issue is the oversize water bottle cannot support itself and cause spillage. This water on the outside of the unit can cause shorts and damage the humidikit.

  • Where can I find parts for HumidiKit?

    We do not sell individual parts for the HumidiKit on our website. If you do have any issues with your unit the customer service representative will work with you to find the best solution to fix the issue. You can contact with customer service through chats, email, or call in at (208) 740-1344.

  • What position should the on-off switch be in to turn the humidifier on, round circle down for on or the dash down? Which is on and off?

    The power switch on the back of the humidifier typically has the dash as 'on' (dash down) and the circle as 'off' (circle down). However, we have received and sent out a few units with the switch attached backward. This does not affect the unit functions but can be a bit confusing. The best way to tell is plug in your unit, flip the switch and see which side is 'on'/'off'. Then mark it so you will always know.

  • How do I lower the humidity in my incubator?

    The best way to lower humidity in an incubator is to open the vent cap(s) and wait around an hour to see if the humidity stabilizes where you want it. If that does not lower it enough you can remove some of the water from your water troughs in the base of your incubator. Again waiting around an hour to see if the humidity drops to where you want it. If you are struggling to consistently maintain your humidity levels or want a more hands-free option, we do sell the "HumidiKit™ - Auto Humidity System for Incubators." This automated system has sensors that will keep a more reliable humidity level without you having to constantly check up on your incubator. Here is a link to the HumidiKit™:

  • Will the HumidiKit™ work on the IncuView™ All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator?

    Yes! The HumidKit™ - Auto Humidity System for Incubators will work great with the IncuView™ All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator. The HumidiKit™ also works well with any of the other incubators we have listed.

  • Would the Hygrostat turn off the humidifier when the high limit is reached

    The HumidiKit is designed to hold a specific humidity and not a high and low point. You would set the humidity at a point like 50% the humidifier would then run until the 50% humidity level is reached and then it would turn off the humidifier. It would turn on again once the humidity reached 48%. The high and low limits are just limits to what the target humidity can be set to.

  • What if it runs out of water on accident?

    If the unit runs low on water it will simply stop running.

  • Does it dehumidify the incubator if the humidity is too high?

    It does not, the HumidiKit will only provide controlled humidity for your inubator.

  • Will this work with a Brinsea Ovation Advance? There does not appear to be a place to insert the hose or the sensor.

    No, the HumidiKit will not work with the Brisea model incubators due to fitment issues.

  • Would the HumidiKit work with a larger cabinet incubator?

    We have tested the HumidiKit in cabinet size models that are approximatley the size of a GQF cabinet incubator and it works great. The dimensions of a GQF cabinet incubator are approximatley 32" H x 32" L x 17" W. It would most likely work in a cabinet incubator larger than this but might need to be modified with a larger hose to be able to deliver more mist into a larger incubator.

  • Can you set the humidity range or do you set a specific humidity level you want and will it stay at that?

    For the HumidiKit all you will have to do is set the desired humidity level and it will maintain that level for you with only minor variances. 

  • What is the wattage of the HumidiKit?

    The HumidiKit runs at roughly 30 watts.

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