Incubator Warehouse Digital Hygrometer


Incubator Warehouse Digital Hygrometer

Digital Humidity Guage
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This Hygrometer works great for measuring humidity in any incubator. The humidity gauge displays the humidity in the air as a percentage. This hygrometer is also a replacement for the hygrometer in the No. 1140 Incubator Warehouse IncuView Incubator Lid (Current model only - Does not replace the old dial hygrometer).

SKU : 1252


Weight : 0.03 lb

MODEL : Digital



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  • What size battery does the hygrometer take?

    The battery size needed for the Digital Hygrometer is LR44 button cell battery.

  • Does this product have a lead

    This product does not have a lead or probe that goes into the incuabtor. The enire unit would go inside the incubator or it can be recessed from the out side of the incubator.

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