IncuView 3 Pro All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator


IncuView 3 Pro All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator

  • IncuView 3 Pro™ AI Incubator Control Module
    • Pre-set digital proportional AI thermostat (99.5 F)
    • Accurate digital temperature & humidity display 
    • Automatic temperature control in °F or °C
    • Countdown Hatch Timer
    • Automatic Turner Shutoff (3 days before hatch)
    • LED Viewing Lights
  • 360° Hinged Crystal Clear Lid
  • Easy to use (any age)
  • Automatic universal egg turner (Any size egg up to Goose)
    • Hatch-in-place turner design (no need to remove eggs)
  • Egg Capacity: 27 chicken*, 49 Quail*, or 17 Goose*
  • Durable easy-to-clean plastic 
  • EZ-View humidity system
  • 12V DC power (Allows 110V OR 220V Input)
  • Additional Available Accessories
    • AquaTank (Extra water capacity)
    • AccuMist (Automatic Humidity Control) - Coming Soon!
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The easy-to-use IncuView 3 Pro is durable, accurate and reliable. It has a whole line-up of features not available on any other incubator such as a 360° crystal clear hinged lid, AI incubator control module, and the EZ-View humidity system.

The accurate IncuView 3 Pro Control Module has proprietary AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) to automatically select the best settings for the proportional thermostat to achieve a successful hatch. The control module accurately displays both temperature (°F or °C) and humidity. Never miss a pip, zip or hatch with the built-in LED viewing lights and hatch timer with automatic egg turner shutoff 3 days before hatch. All of these features and more make the IncuView 3 Pro Control Module the best incubator to trust your eggs to.

Beyond the electronics the IncuView 3 Pro is packed with features to make every hatch a delight. The 360° hatch view is simply amazing. The durable plastic base is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The EZ-View humidity system allows you to easily check and fill the water in the system. All of this makes having a successful hatch easier than ever.. Purchase the optional AquaTank and then just insert the AquaTank into the correct EZ-View port and forget about humidity management until the tank needs to be refilled.

Egg Capacity: 27 chicken*, 49 Quail*, or 17 Goose*

12V 5 Amp DC power (Allows 110V OR 220V Input)

SKU : 2022


Weight : 6.0 lb

MATERIAL : Plastic

MODEL : IncuView 3 Pro

VOLTAGE : All (12V DC, through 240V AC)

Color : White

Sanitation Liner : Base is Dishwasher Safe

Thermostat Type : Digital Electronic

Window Size : 360°

Circulated Air : Yes

Style : All-In-One


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