Laylight for AutoCoop™ Smart Door


Laylight for AutoCoop™ Smart Door

  • The Laylight extends the perceived light of daytime for your birds and boosts egg production by lengthening your natural daylight hours
  • Super bright, high efficiency, high output LED light
  • Dispersing lens optimizes light distribution
  • Easy to mount
  • Designed to be used inside your chicken coop
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The LayLight is a super bright, high-efficiency, and high-output LED light for your chicken coop. This will provide the extra light your hens need to continue laying eggs into the Winter months. As daylight decreases, chickens naturally decrease the number of eggs they lay. To continue laying through the Winter months, they need a little extra light so their internal clock tells them to keep producing. The dispersing lens optimizes the light distribution to help light the entire coop up. Easy to mount so can place it and set it up quickly. Backed by our 2-Year IncuCare Warranty.

Diameter: 2 3/8 inches




SKU : 1442


Weight : 0.3 lb

MODEL : Laylight for AutoCoop™ Smart Door

Color : White


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  • How many lumens output? 12v or 115v ?

    The Laylight is all 12V DC powered.  The output of the light is 6 watts (450 lumens) which is equivalent to a 40 watt incandecant light bulb.

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