IncuTurn™ Automatic Egg Turner for HovaBator Egg Incubators


IncuTurn™ Automatic Egg Turner for HovaBator Egg Incubators

  • Fits all HovaBator Incubators**
  • Holds 42 chicken, 70 Quail, or 28 Goose Eggs
  • Universal design holds any size egg
  • Turns eggs by rolling, just like in nature
  • Simple clip on installation
  • 2 year IncuCare Warranty
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Purchase is for Egg Turner ONLY, incubator base not included.

The IncuTurn™ for HovaBator has been carefully engineered and tested and will fit all current HovaBator desktop incubators**.  The universal egg tray holds any size egg, saving you from purchasing expensive egg racks for different egg sizes.  The automatic egg turner gently rolls the eggs six times per day, which prevents the yolk from settling while exercising the embryo.  This rolling action is very similar to how eggs are turned in nature.  The universal egg tray can hold 42 Chicken*, 70 Quail*,  or 28 Goose eggs*.  Installing the IncuTurn™ for HovaBator is a breeze, simply slide the motor clip over the edge of the incubator and attach the turning tray and you’re ready to start incubating.  This product is a direct replacement for all HovaBator Egg Turners (including models 1611 & 1610).  110V AC Power.

As always, all of our products are covered by our Two-year Hassle-free IncuCare Warranty. Purchase today with no worries and experience the IncuTurn™ for HovaBator for yourself.

*Capacity may vary based on egg size
**Works with all current style HovaBator Incubators, does not work with the older blocky, square style incubators
HOVABATOR QUAIL EGG RACKS (6) are not compatible with the IncuTurn Egg Turner


SKU : 1357


Weight : 2.0 lb


DIMENSIONS : 16 x 14 x 3

MATERIAL : Plastic & Metal

MODEL : 1357

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

WATT : 5

Color : Black

Capacity : 42 Chicken,

Style : Automatic


Ask a Question
  • Can you place duck eggs in the IncuTurn™ Automatic Egg Turner for HovaBator Egg Incubators?

    Yes, you can place duck eggs in the IncuTurn. You could probably fit around 28 duck eggs in the IncuTurn turner.

  • Do you know if this product will fit the base of the Little Giant styrofoam incubator?

    No, the IncuTurn is only designed to work in the HovaBator egg incubators and will not fit in or work with another brand of incubator. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Small end pip

Not worth the money. Had some pip on the small end Did have 8 out of 13 hatch. and they are doing good.
Would not buy again and will not be using again.

fantastic turner

I have used this with geese, duck, chicken and quail eggs and mixed hatches, it works better than any other turner. The quail egg turner would break my jumbo quail eggs and my goose eggs kept falling out of their turner, with the IncuTurn I had no problems at all and it's easy to remove at lock down too.

Excellent results!

This is the best turner I have ever used. For hatching goose, call and mandarin duck eggs it is great. The turners that set eggs vertical and rocks them, works great for chicken and guinea eggs but don't work so good for waterfowl. I used the IncuTurn to hatch mandarin, call and goose eggs with excellent success. The IncuTurn doesn't keep them secured, and eggs roll around some, but still works great.

My go-to egg turner

I won't go back to the turners that rock the eggs after using this turner. The rolling action is a more natural way to turn the eggs and it's oh-so easy to clean. What I especially like is that you don't have to take the turner out on day 18 (for chickens). Just unplug the turner motor and let the eggs hatch. You can hear the motor running, but I don't find it loud. It's as one reviewer described, about the same as an aquarium pump. It's there, but easily tuned out.


We are new to this, read the reviews and bought one. It works exactly as described. Had a bit of an issue with the egg turner, contacted them and a replacement part was sent out immediately. Customer service at it's finest. Thanks Patrick!!!!!