IncuTherm Plus™ Hatch Monitor


IncuTherm Plus™ Hatch Monitor



  • 24” cord with remote probe
  • Remote probe measures TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY
  • Probe fits through vent holes of Little Giant & Hova-Bator incubators (Doesn't fit Genesis or Brinsea Incubators)
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Memory storage of high and low temp and humidity readings
  • Compact with LARGE LCD screen
  • Flip out stand for easy placement
  • 2 strong magnets for easy mounting (on back)
  • Battery INCLUDED (3V CR2032)
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The two biggest factors in achieving a successful hatch are correct temperature and humidity. With these factors in mind, we created the IncuTherm™ series digital thermometer/hygrometers.

The IncuTherm Plus™ is able to accurately measure and display the temperature and relative humidity at the same time which can be displayed in both Fahrenheit or Celsius . The probe is placed inside the incubator. This allows the IncuTherm Plus™ to measure temperature and humidity on the inside of your incubator and display it on the outside. The built-in high and low memory stores the highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings since the last memory reset. This helps you ensure ideal conditions for a successful hatch.

The IncuTherm Series has been factory calibrated to be accurate to within +/- 1°F (0.5°C) in the incubation temperature ranges. This is twice as accurate as most standard digital thermometers available on the market. This accuracy level makes the IncuTherm Series the easy choice when selecting a digital thermometer for your next hatch.

As always, all of our products are covered by our One-year Hassle-free Guarantee. Purchase today with no worries and experience the IncuTherm Plus™ Hatch Monitor for yourself.

SKU : 1109


Weight : 0.13 lb


DIMENSIONS : 2.5" x 2" x 0.5"


VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

Color : Black

Battery : CR2032


Ask a Question
  • What is the accuracy of this thermometer?

    We recognize it is incredibly difficult to find thermometers that are accurate and match other thermometers. The IncuTherm™ Series has an range of + or - one degree for accuracy. This means if your Incutherm™ reads 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit the actual temperature can be between 98.5 and 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Incutherm™ series is specifically designed to give accurate readings to improve your hatching experience. If you have any issues please contact our friendly customer service agents.

  • Will this probe of the IncuTherm Plus™ Hatch Monitor fit into the vent hole of the Janoel 12 incubator?

    Sadly the IncuTherm Plus™ Hatch Monitor probe will not fit through the vent hole of the Janoel 12 incubator. However, you can place the whole unit on the inside between the side of the turner tray and the clear exterior wall. The IncuTherm™ Temp/Humidity Gauge also fits very well in the small area between the turner tray and clear wall allowing you to easily read the humidity levels and temperature.

  • Is the probe designed so that the actual sensor is safe from mist or a quick spray, as might be encountered in a vivarium used for dart frogs and the like?

    The probe is meant to withstand incubation temps and humidity levels, it should do just fine in a dart frog enclosure as well.

  • Will the probe unplug from the unit so that you could back feed the probe through the vent hole of a genesis 1588?

    It will not unless the probe cover is removed, then you can carefully place the probe through the vent hole and the put the probe cover back on.

  • What is the probe dimensions?

    The probe is about 2 inches long and .5 inches wide.

  • Will this probe fit through the hole in the top of the IncuView?

    No, the probe on the IncuTherm Plus will not fit through the vent hole on an IncuView.

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Customer Reviews

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Bonita Bayless

It is so frustrating trying to find an accurate thermometer/ hygrometer. This one came highly recommended but I’m not convinced. It might be accurate? it says one of my incubators is running under temp, but it hatches eggs early? It also claims to fit through the vent hole of the havabator and little giant, but it won’t. Far too wide/ oval not round.

Beth Carducci

I wanted a hygrometer that had a probe that measures humidity and hangs inside the tanks, while the unit itself sits on the outside of the tanks. I have land hermit crabs and they need the air to be humid and warm at all times. They cannot breathe without humidity. I didn't want to use a gauge that was placed into the tank because the batteries corrode due to the humidity being moderate/high. (80-85) I was pleasantly surprised when I calibrated the gauges (3), all were at 77 degrees temperature, 2 were 77% humidity and the 3rd was 76% humidity after 24 hours of calibration. I posted pics and info about the gauges on our crab group and someone from the group was very interested in purchasing your product! I hope you get business from our group! (Land Hermit Crab Owners Society, Crab Street Journal) Thank You!!!!

Great stuff

I am new to incubating. I purchased two of these to use my incubators after having really poor hatch rates. Both read really close to each other, +/-1 degrees for temperature. Humidity were both really close, within +/-3% to each other. My hatch rates increased by a lot. From less than 25% to over 50% hatch rate with all my chicken and gamebird eggs. I now only use these to monitor my incubators. These are well worth the money if you have the foam incubators like I do. They seem expensive for their size, but they helped hatch over 100 quails by now, and hopefully they will continue to help hatch hundreds more.

Very Accurate

Way more accurate than the Inkbird Unit I purchased from Amazon that Units Temp probe was over actual by 1.6F and Hygrometer was reading 5% under actual and the remote base read .4F under actual .

The IncuTherm is reading spot on for Temp can see unit cycle from 99.5f to 99.7f when heater unit is on Hygrometer is less than !% off actual.
Looking forward to Upgrading the Dual wafer control to the Incustat on my old 1202 Sportsman after this years hatch.

Crazy L
Great Hygrometer !

Super Accurate !! Great Price, Not A Better One In The Market !!