Harris Farms Nurture Right 360


Harris Farms Nurture Right 360

  • Harris Farms 360 degree Nurture Right Incubator
  • Convenient external water port to easily control the humidity in the incubator
  • 22 egg capacity that automatically stops turning eggs 3 days before they hatch
  • Clear window with 360° view and airflow, induced airflow technology maintains optimum temperatures
  • 12V Low Voltage
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Harris Farms® Nurture Right 360 Incubator
The Harris Farms® Nurture Right 360 Incubator features built-in LED egg candler. It has a rolling egg turner that simulates hen hatch for higher hatch rates, while an Auto-Stop feature stops turning eggs three days before they hatch. The 360 Airflow induced airflow technology ensures optimal temperatures.


  • Built-in LED egg candler
  • Rolling egg turner simulates hen hatch for higher hatch rates
  • Auto-Stop stops turning eggs three days before they hatch
  • Induced airflow technology for optimal temperatures
  • Includes a humidity sensor/reader

SKU : 1533


Weight : 7.8 lb


DIMENSIONS : 8.7" x 13" x 13"

MATERIAL : Plastic

MODEL : Nurture Right 360

VOLTAGE : Low Voltage (12V DC)

WATT : 40

Color : White

Capacity : 22 chicken*, ducks 12-18*, or pheasant 22*

Sanitation Liner : Built-In

Thermostat Type : Digital Electronic

Circulated Air : Yes

Style : Tabletop All-In-One


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  • Do you sell just the complete power cord setup? We moved and in the process we lost ours and love this incubator.

    Yes we do, here is the link. https://incubatorwarehouse.com/incuview-power-supply-1.html

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Customer Reviews

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Penny A
Don't Buy. No replacement part for 3 year old unit

I cannot recommend the Nurture Right 360 because Manna Pro does not stock replacement parts for what they call "old" units. I purchased mine in May 2021. This spring, 2024, the third time I used it, the egg turner did not work. Contacted Manna Pro. They ran me through some steps to reset the counter. That didn't work. I asked to purchase a replacement motor and, after a week of emails and hours on the phone, talking and on hold, I was told they don't inventory replacement parts once they are gone from their shelves and they won't recommend an aftermarket product. So I paid $170 for an incubator that has no egg turner. I'll buy Hova-bator in the future as replacement parts are readily available on their website.


The first one I ordered got lost in the mail.I received the second one and it seems to be fine.

Right machine needs improvement

Excellent machine hatch rates are great. I have three machines the quality of the Turner is very poor and has a tendency to break right at the Center hub. I called to get replacements I am told they are out of stock and they have no idea when they’re going to get them. I have Mickey Moussed Broken ones for now. They need to be improved!

Great value!

I’ve used this incubator for about 6 hatches of quail now, and even eggs shipped in the mail hatched at 80% or higher, homegrowns 95-100%.

For quail, large eggs may need to go one per slot in the turner, but standard sized eggs can go 2 per.

The temp and humidity are easy to manage, and the turner works great, rolling them slightly every hour or so.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking to start incubating eggs, it’s very user friendly, easy to set up and clean, and priced reasonably compared to many other models.

Nutra Right360

So far I love it. I have hatch 2 sets of eggs. Very easy to set up. Hold temps and humidity good. Don’t have to open to ad water. Love how you can watch the eggs hatch with a full view.

A Few thing I would change but has nothing to do with hatching. Outside water ports need to be bigger or a funnel is needed with it. Also a smaller grid floor. Or a mat of some type might help with eggs rolling all over and babies feet and peck not falling thru.

Looking to buy another on as soon as I can find one.

Thank you
Eva Martin
Happy Beck Happy Feet Chicken Coop