Candling reptile eggs is not very difficult but you do have to be very careful.  If possible, candle the egg without pickup or handling the egg at all.  Simply put the candle against the side of the shell that is exposed to the air.  Turn out the room lights so the contents of the shell appear to glow. 

Normal Development of Eggs
* You may be able to start seeing veins forming by about 14 days.
* The best indicators of progress are veins and blood vessels that continue to grow and spread.
* After a couple of weeks you may be able to see movement as the embryo wiggles in the shell. 

Signs of an Egg Gone Bad
* The egg is yellowing and starting to dry out more than the other eggs.
* After 2-3 weeks the egg is still clear with no vein development.
* A very distinct blood spot with little or no veins.
* Mold developing on or very close to the egg. 
* Lack of development compared to the rest of the eggs in the hatch. But don't give up on them until they are for sure not developing, some eggs may appear to be behind, but it may just be the viewing angle or a number of other factors.

Egg Candling Tips:
* If you are having trouble viewing the egg contents, turn out some lights or go into a dark room/closet.
* Press the candler up to the shell and try to minimize the amount of light that escapes between the shell and the rim of the candler. 
* If you have to touch the eggs, be sure your hands are clean and dry. Oil from your fingers can clog the pores in the egg shell and keep the embryo from getting the oxygen it needs.

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