IncuKit™ MINI for Desktop Incubators | Thermostat, Fan & Heater


IncuKit™ MINI for Desktop Incubators | Thermostat, Fan & Heater



  • All-in-one thermostat, heater, fan control unit
  • For tabletop incubators
  • Proportional digital electronic pre-set (99.5 F) thermostat
  • Digital display
  • Hatch timer
  • 12V DC power (Allows 110V OR 220V Input)
  • Remote sensor for accurate temperature reading
  • Controls DC turner motor (sold separately)
  • Option to power with a 12V battery (connectors sold separately)
  • Option to power on the road using car power adapter
  • 2 Year IncuCare Warranty
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Many people prefer to build their own incubators. This is a fun do-it-yourself project. We’ve found that the biggest difficulty people run into while developing their incubators is finding a reliable heat source and thermostat. We’ve solved this problem by creating the IncuKit™ series thermostat fan heaters.

We have created the IncuKit™ MINI to turn any small container into an incubator. This provides the heat, air circulation, and thermostat control you need to accurately control the environment in your container for hatching eggs.

The IncuKit™ MINI has a proportional thermostat, built-in 60-watt heater, and fan. The proportional thermostat controls the amount of power that is supplied to the heater instead of simply turning the heater off and on. This provides more accurate temperature control than a standard off/on thermostat. The thermostat also comes preset to 99.5 degrees F which can be easily adjusted if necessary. The digital display makes it easy to read the current temperature and to make changes. The IncuKit™ MINI operates on low 12 Volt DC power and includes an AC-to-DC converter that works with both 110/120v and 220/240v power input. In case of power outages, the IncuKit™ MINI can also be powered with a 12V battery (additional battery connectors required).

NOTE: You can optionally purchase the car power adapter or battery clips so you can keep your incubator running while on the road! This can be especially handy if you are transporting eggs or queen bee cells to their new location.

As always, all of our products are covered by our 2-Year IncuCare Warranty. Purchase today with no worries and experience the IncuKit™ MINI for yourself.

How to determine the appropriate size container for the IncuKit MINI:

There are several factors that determine how much power will be required to heat your container up to the appropriate temperature to hatch eggs. The size of the container, how well it is insulated, the room temperature, and how much the room temperature fluctuates will all have a significant impact. The best way to determine if the IncuKit™ MINI is the right size for your container is pretty simple. Just put a 60-watt light bulb in your container (ensure it is thermally insulated since they get pretty hot!) and measure how warm your container gets. If it easily gets to at least 100 degrees F, then the IncuKit™ MINI should work. It is the user’s responsibility to determine if this product will generate enough heat for your container.





Weight : 1.38 lb

DIMENSIONS : 3.15" (80mm) x 3.15" (80mm") x 2.3" (59mm)

MODEL : IncuKit Mini

VOLTAGE : Low Voltage (12V DC)

WATT : 48 Watts

Color : silver

Thermostat Type : Digital

Circulated Air : Yes

Style : IncuKit


Ask a Question
  • Would this work being installed in say a door of a mini fridge in a vertical fashion. Our should this solely be used in a horizontal installation?

    The normal orientation is horizontal and at the top of the incubator.  This allows the best function of the fan and it will help the warm air circulate better.

  • Can this product be shipped to Australia and be supplied with an Australian power cord or adapter?

    We automatically include plug adapters for International orders. Please remember to check the voltage before ordering. This item works with 110-240V AC so it is no problem but some products are only 110V & 220V.

  • Can you unit be set in Celsius? Can it do tenth of a degree increments such as 35.7 degrees or would I have to choose between 35 and 36 degrees?

    Yes you can set the 'IncuKit™ MINI for Desktop Incubators' to be in Celsius. You can set the temperature in increments of 0.1 degrees.

  • Can this unit be used to control the CABINET EGG TURNER MOTOR 110V AC | 1 RPM ?

    Unforutnately no, the 2 are not compatible. 

  • Does the fan blow downward (away from the heater) in the provided configuration? If so, can it easily be switch to blow upward (into the heater) to provide less direct air blowing onto occupants of the incubator chamber? For instance, can the wires to the fan be reversed to switch direction of the fan?Also, can the fan speed be significantly slowed or is there a point where the fan will no longer turn below a certain point?

    The way the IncuKit Mini is set up the fan blows up, over the heating elements on the control module, there is no need to reverse it. There are a few settings changes that can be made in the control options but fan speed is not one of them.

  • How do I determine what wattage of heating element I will need for my incubator?

    One of the simplest ways to determine what size of heating element you need in an incubator is what we call the light bulb test. To perform this test, you simply place a light bulb(s) in the incubator with the approximate wattage that you think will work. If this heats the incubator to or a little above the desired set temperature approximately the same wattage of heating element will also work. If it goes over by a lot than you will want a lower wattage heating element. If it takes a long time to heat up or never reaches the desired temp you will need a larger heating element.

  • What size of an incubator will the IncuKit heat?

    There is not a predetermined size that the IncuKit will work for. This is because each incubator is built different and it is impossible to know which IncuKit will work for each design. There are several factors that will affect which IncuKit you will need to consider. A couple of these are the size, dimensions, and insulation. A good general rule of thumb for each size IncuKit is:

    IncuKit Mini- Table top size incubators like a HovaBator or Little Giant

    IncuKit XL With 1 x Heater/Fan – Approximately an incubator the size of an apartment refrigerator

    IncuKit XL With 2 x Heater/Fans – Approximately the size of a GQF Sportsman Cabinet incubator

    Before selecting an IncuKit we recommend performing a light bulb test to determine what wattage of heating element you will need. Click here to learn about the light bulb test.

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Customer Reviews

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Loyde Berkholtz
Dougs Incubator

The unit is working perfectly.There are several other factors such as room temperature and humidity which affect the internal temp. of the unit.I want control temp. between 33 and 36 celsius,not below 32 and not to exceed 37.I am still in the testing model and hope to have a unit in use within a month or so....

Very satisfied customer!

Very straightforward design, turns just about any container into an incubator. Powerful fan and gets up to temperature quickly. Amazing customer service!

Awesome product

After many days of hand turning and constantly monitoring temperature I had to find something better to manage my heat setting
After researching on line I found the incukit mini best suited for my needs and the price was great
Made a home made incubator out of a worm bait fridge and a hatcher out of a non working wine cooler
I set up the mini for my incubator with two 36 egg turners
After installing and setting up the mini it was set it and forget it minius the little tweaks here and there that where really not needed
I can say I am more than satisfied with the minis performance
With that being said I am planning on installing one on my hatcher based on it performance on the incubator
Currently I have the top part of my styrofoam incubator heating up the hatcher
I constantly have to adjust the temperature settings making it worse is the heat wave we currently went through
No issues with the mini keeping temp even at outside temperatures of 104 degress
Just want to let everyone know what a great product it is
Only wish I could post some pictures

stevie b
very good product

hats off to the people that came up with this, good unit , would like to say could you put in the description of the unit about how many cubic in. this will heat, if i had this info i would have bought the XL unit, good selling point for you & good info for use, thanks

Do not buy this. Stick to tried and true

Completely died on day 14. Small coolerbator. Incukit only ran over 12% when I opened lid. 45% humidity. Already had a failsafe installed and hope to not lose any. Not just a random barnyard mix but a planned linebreed of some very nice games. Buy a bimetal one and a couple light bulbs and save yourself 30$. Good price had it worked